Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying a new craft.........

Yep !! You heard right.......Becky and I are trying our hand at embroidery !! I never thought this was something I would like.......Becky still tells me I need to get "in touch" with my sewing machine, but to tell ya the truth.....that thing scares me ! lol A machine that forces a sharp needle up and down ??? I wonder which finger I'll lose first lol

On to pic numero uno-----these are 3 of the first tea towels I did. Not too shabby for a beginner !! I definitely like the patterns that require only one type of stitch (that's all I know !!)

I thought a close up probably wasn't a good idea in case any of you experts decided to critique my stitching (I'll get better)........but thought what the hey !! lol

I've decided that needles aren't so bad after all and I just bought my first round of material to try a rag quilt. Wish me luck !! : )

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