Friday, July 10, 2009

Tissue Flower

Happy Friday !! Stacy here tonight........I was at work today and was in the cleaning mood and came across this tissue paper in one of my drawers. I know that a while back Becky had posted a paper flower kinda similar and decided to give it a shot. The tissue paper came in this brown and white pattern and also the solid brown. I cut several layers of circles....I wanted a BIG flower !! I then secured them all together with a brad and smashed it up into a ball. Once I flattened it out a little, I took green MM paint and brushed the edges with a papertowel. I added a green and brown button to the center and secured to my card with glue dots. I kinda like the retro look of this card !! Will definitely try my hand at this again !! Have a great weekend !!

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