Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Banner

Well it's Becky with you again. Stacy had a lot on her plate tonight so I'm posting in her place. She'll be back tomorrow though! I have a super easy project for you today. I was browsing through Martha Stewart Living the other day and notice a banner she had made to go over a dinner table. She took 5x8 triangles and strung them on some twine. I did the same thing here only instead of using red and white paper like her, I pulled out all of my Fourth of July themed paper and trimmed them into 5x8 triangles. There are fourteen here and they stretch all the was across our fireplace. I'm not sure if I'll hang this here for the party or if I'll hang it out on the back deck somewhere. I'll have to see what strikes my fancy Saturday!

This was a super easy project and another great way to add to the patriotic theme!

Here's a close up shot of the banner.

Hope you have a great evening!

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