Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Hollywood !!!

It's hard to believe that at 10:37 am tomorrow morning, my baby girl is going to turn 5. It feels like she's been with us for many more years than that !! Her nickname, Hollywood fits her to a T.....she's spunky, smart, beautiful and full of life. She's a tomboy/diva and her laughter lights up my day.

After her first of 3 parties (uhhhhh....) we made cupcakes for her class at school:

And no party is complete without goody bags:

We made the little bags out of 2 top note dies that we stitched on 3 sides. We stamped Happy Birthday in pink and put a little stickle dot of purple on the "i". We strung through some hot pink ribbon and filled with goodies !!

Thank you Holly for choosing me and daddy to be your parents !! You mean so much to us and I can't imagine one day without you !! Happy Birthday princess !! I love you !!

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