Monday, November 23, 2009

For my baby boy.......

Happy Monday everyone !! It's a holiday week and I love the fact that I only have to work 3 days lol

I am a very lucky mom. I have two beautiful girls and an adorable little boy. I never thought that I could have such a different bond with a son, but he definitely is the light of my life !! There's just something so special about a momma and her boy.

I was cruisin' the net the other day and stopped in on the goddess of all things crafty.....Martha ! lol Martha had some pics of a tea towel pillow and I thought it was such a cute idea. I decided to take mine one step further and embroider blue trucks on mine. Isn't he just the cutest ????

For the top side I used a tea towel and for the backside I used flannel. Nothing fancy here, just a run through the machine and there it is. I have to tell ya, the reason I made the pillow......Ryan likes to sleep on a stuffed crocodile toy and I felt so bad !!
Thanks Martha for the rock !!

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