Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to Work !!

Reality check........vacation is over and time for me to get back to my kiddo's and job and paper !!! Hubby and I just got back this afternoon from an awesome little getaway in Hermann, Mo. If you've never been---I highly recommend it !! Below is the view as you come into the gorgeous is that ????

This is the house we stayed in.......we had the whole house to ourselves !! It was so beautiful, a nice relaxing place that we both really needed !! This is the Captain's House of the Captain Wohlt Bed and Breakfast:

This is the common room of the house. It had a huge dining room table, nice TV (that's my hubby goin' to check some baseball !! lol ) To his credit, when we arrived there was chocolates, flowers, champagne and a gift certificate to the Stone Hill Winery in our room.....what a sweet man I have !!

Hermann has a lot of wineries in town. This is the sign for the Stone Hill Vintage Restaurant that we ate some of the best German food we've ever tasted !!

This is my favorite pic of the bunch !!! I know you're probably wondering what in the world are they doin' with a stuffed monkey ?????? Well, my oldest daughter has dubbed this the vacation monkey and anytime we go out of town the monkey goes too (I'm still laughing at this pic !!) My hubby takes the best monkey pictures......he is absolutely hilarious !! So, our friend is relaxing on the jacuzzi in our room:

That's gonna be all for me tonight.......time to get back to mommy/supervisor mode !! Have a great week and I'll be back on Friday : )

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