Thursday, June 25, 2009

Patriotic Pinwheels

Happy Thursday friends! It's Becky with you on this fine day. I tell ya, it must be pinwheel week on the bloggy blog! Today's project is one I got from here. When I read Lisa's post about gluing the pinwheels to clothespins, I thought she was a genius. I'm always looking for more decorating ideas for The Fourth and I thought these would be great to clip on various things around the house. So I made a bunch of these Patriotic Pinwheels and clipped them to the blinds in our half bath, downstairs. I feel like the half bath is neglected, not quite a full bath so people often write it off! So whenever I get the chance, I like to add a little something to that room! I made the pinwheels in several different sizes.

Start by cutting your paper in a square, such as 8x8 and draw a pencil line from corner to corner so they intersect in the middle of your paper. Then with your scissors, cut the four corners, towards the middle, stopping about an inch before you get to the center. Then poke a hole in every other corner and in the middle. Using a brad, attach all the holes to the center and secure. I attached all of my pinwheels to the clothespins with Zip Dry, one of my new favorite adhesives.
Here's a close up picture of one of the pinwheels. I think this one started as a 4x4 piece of paper.

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Devon said...

LOVE the pinwheels! I'm not sure what's happening with the format of your blog, but I had a difficult time reading it and finding the comments button. Hopefully it's just blogger going a little goofy.