Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Message Center

Stacy here !! Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather we're having !! I'm so excited about this project that I want to run out and buy more clipboards !! This clipboard has haunted me for's been sitting in my box of items to alter and I just couldn't find to do with it. Well, here it is---my message board !! This is what I did: I painted the clipboard white, it was already white but needed to be brightened up a bit. The cute paper I used was from Pink Paisley. I used my scallop punch on the blue and adhered the circle plaid on top. I printed out calendars to match and attached them with two clothspins that I covered in matching paper and embellished with these cute yarn flowers. On the right there is a post-it note holder at the top and a 3 x 5 white pad below. The pad was secured to the box cover with velcro dots so that I could replace it when needed. Below that is a pen covered in the same matching paper and secured with ribbon. At the bottom is a little cord board that I made out of 6 x 6 squares of cork that I think I got at the Dollar Store and simply cut them in half. To finish it up I hot glued buttons onto the thumbtacks and Viola !! My own little message center !! This one is going to sit on my recipe stand. Thanks for looking and have a great day !!

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